S T O M P I N G   G R O U N D S 

   L I S T E N   N O W

"Fittingly titled 'Stomping Grounds EP', the new five-track release from rock trio Saturn is the band’s most kinetic effort to date. With approachable, groovy guitar riffs and sharp drum work, Saturn pumps a jolt of energy into its take on alternative rock, which tends to be more geared for rainy days than sunny ones. From the jumpy time signature of the opening track to the tender glimmer of its closer, ‘Stomping Grounds’ provides a striking range of moods for its short runtime. It’s also a notable development for Saturn, a band that previously dabbled in acoustic instrumentation and studio atmospherics. Here, the trio narrows its focus to the basics of electric rock and turns out some of its best songs in the process."

                     -EVAN JARVICKS